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Artificial Intelligence

Posted on 22nd Jun 2020

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two of the most groundbreaking aspects of modern computing.

AI is the umbrella term used for any computing process wherein the machine is doing something intelligent, working and reacting in similar ways to humans. Machine Learning is a subset od AI and provides the overall AI system with the ability to learn from its experiences.

However, AI isn’t simply the creation of autonomous robots intent on wiping out human civilization. Indeed, AI can be found in a variety of day-to-day computing applications where the ‘machine’, or more accurately the code, needs to learn from actions of some form of input and anticipate what the input is likely to require, or do, next.

The model can be applied to Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and so on. Have you ever looked up a celebrity on Instagram and them discovered that your searches within other social media platforms are now specifically targeted toward similar celebrities? This is a prime example of using AI in targeted advertising and behind the code and algorithms that predict what you’re looking for, is Python.

Spotify, for example, uses Python based code, among other things, to analyse your musical habits and offer playlists based on what you’ve listened to in the past. It’s all clever stuff and, moving forward, Python is at forefront of the way the Internet will work in the future.